About Us

We, at Starfish Swim School, are a family run business with a love for water and a passion for teaching. Our Teachers are qualified with Swimming South Africa in the "Learn to Swim" programme and certified annually in CPR. Our mission is to teach every child and adult we come into contact with, to become as safe and happy in water as possible.

We operate on a "one-on-one" basis, as we feel that individual attention is needed to ensure that the swimmer gets the most out of their lessons. We use toys to your childs' benefit – as motivation, a reward and a distraction to redirect attention. By using toys your child will learn about manipulating their environment, they will discover which toys float, which sink and how liquid conforms to the container it fills. Songs provide a needed diversionary break or rest following busier, more active exercise. Songs and games also enhance child development on many levels, including helping the development of motor skills and tactile stimulation. We have more than enough equipment to cater for every lesson including goggles and swimming caps. All the children will be asked to wear the compulsory swimming gear.

Our Teaching Philosophy is based on a very gentle learning approach. Trust in the water is formed from a basis of relationship between the teacher and student, and swimming becomes a process that is learned and not forced upon the student. Our teachers are extremely patient and do their utmost to ensure that each lesson involves learning through play and fun activities, with strong foundational skills being the key to beginner lessons. Due to the fact that we are a family run business, our Swim School is our extended family and this allows for a compassionate and nurturing environment.

We have a 9.5m x 4.5m heated, enclosed salt water chlorinated pool. The temperature is kept at a constant heat of 32°C. Our pool is an even depth of 1.2 m. Making it more comfortable to hold and work with the children in the water. The water is crystal clear and always kept clean to eliminate the risk of infection but also kept at a level not to irritate your child. We have adequate shade area for the parents to sit during the lesson, in a comfortable relaxed environment.

We have 4 individual changing rooms and 2 toilet cubicles desiginated for our Swim School clients. Hairdryers are available for after swimming to keep each swimmer as comfortable as possible on their way home. Lockers are available to store belongings at your own discretion. Fresh juice is freely available in the summer months to keep our swimmers hydrated after lessons, and hot chocolate, tea and coffee is on offer in the winter months. Our facility is fully enclosed from the moment you step onto our grounds – which allows for year round comfortable swimming no matter the weather.

Drownings are listed as one of the top causes of unnatural death amongst children in South Africa. At the same time, these unfortunate events are very preventable. About 70% of the South African population are not proficient swimmers, which shows that learning to swim is a valuable life skill we all need. We are hoping to lower this statistic by offering our services.